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​ Reservation method, flow after reservation


Please make a reservation after referring to the Instagram of each artist.

Reservation start time, situation and method will vary depending on each artist.

We will announce each artist on ​ Instagram, so please refer to it before making a reservation.

Len: @ len.5 (Reservation: Reservation starts around the 1st of every month)

Yuta: @mip_tattoo (reservation ︰ always accepted)

Greeni: @winigreeni (Reservation ︰ Always accepted)

2 .

​ Please contact us for details after making a reservation.

After applying for a reservation, each artist will send you the necessary items.

​ Please check and reply.

* You will need an ID card with a photo of your face (driver's license, passport, Juki card) to make a reservation for the treatment.

3 .

​ Hearing after reservation is completed

If the reservation is completed due to the schedule you want, we will hear from you by message. (If you wish, you can also hear directly, so please consult with the artist.)

Regarding the design, we will show it on the day of reservation (to prevent you from going to another studio with only the design), but if there are any differences from your image at that time, please do not hesitate to tell us. please give me.

* A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel one week in advance or change the design.
In some cases, we will not be able to accept your reservation again. Thank you for your understanding.

4 .

Reservation date

Please refrain from drinking alcohol the day before the reservation date.

Get enough sleep and eat a good meal on the day.

After the treatment, we will explain about aftercare.

* Please note that the treatment may be refused for those who fall under the following items.

・ Those under the age of 20

・ Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding

・ Persons with infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, allergies and other diseases

・ Those who have been excessively sunburned in the near future

・ Those who are drunk

* All items used during the procedure, such as needles, ink, gloves, and ink caps, are disposable.
For reusable equipment such as tubes, we use an ultrasonic cleaner and an autoclave to clean and sterilize.


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