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The person requesting the tattoo is the one who decides to receive the tattoo treatment at TATTOO STUDIO YAMADA. YAMADA asserts that it is not responsible for any damages, claims for damages, claims for rights, and does not engage in litigation.  

I understand that tattoos are difficult to remove medically and remain on the skin semi-permanently.

I confirm in this agreement that the person requesting the tattoo procedure does not:
(1) Organized crime groups, gang members, organized crime group affiliates, related parties, and other anti-social forces 
(2) Persons under the age of 18
(3) High school students
(4) Pregnant women, drug and alcohol addicts, HIV-infected persons, hepatitis B-infected persons, hepatitis C-infected persons, persons with heart disease or other health problems, those suffering from diseases that may cause problems in tattooing. what is there
(Including those that develop allergic symptoms due to colored ink, etc.)
For those who fall under (1) to (4) above, the practitioner will not perform tattoos, etc.

In addition, the person who received the treatment concealed that he/she was the subject (or pretended not to be the subject).
The client confirms and acknowledges that the client will not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the client as a result of the suspension of the tattoo procedure after the identification.

The client confirms and accepts that the color of the tattoo may deteriorate regardless of external or internal factors.

Due to the special nature of tattooing, etc., the practitioner will not be held responsible for any complaints regarding the design (including color loss, fading, etc.) after consultation, inconvenience in social life, and other troubles. The requester confirms and accepts.

The person requesting the treatment agrees to take pictures of the area to be treated, such as a tattoo, and the practitioner agrees to publish it on the media, such as the website, SNS, and specialized magazines.

The client states that he has not made any false statements in the consent form, as well as forging identification cards.

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